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5 reasons to choose Kadanza

You've been struggling a lot as a business and you need to figure out what the problem is. OK, let’s say, after a while, you found the problem, and then you started searching for the best possible solutions. After searching for hours, days, weeks… you figure out that you need a SaaS platform. In this case, you’d probably check most of the platforms and compare them to find the best one for your needs.

Let’s consider that you need a platform like Kadanza where you can store your brand guidelines, upload/download/share assets, and create branded documents in a few minutes. But… What makes Kadanza different than our competitors? In this article, we’ll explain why you should choose Kadanza.

The software was built by people that have more than 30 years of branding experience

As one of the co-founders, Hans Kan, states “We created Kadanza to empower organizations and their employees to be real brand champions.” With more than 30 years of branding experience, our founders had the chance to work with many companies and help them with their branding. Throughout the years, they got to know what people need related to branding. So, having one platform to store your brand guidelines, uploading/downloading & sharing your digital assets, and creating branded documents are the main goals of the software.

Related to our goals, our CEO, Nico Potvin mentions that “People are trying to do a great job with their best intentions and by providing them with the tools, we are taking the burden of ‘trying to be on brand' out of the process. This way, people can focus more on the story that they are trying to tell. So, we help them to get the most out of their brand.”

Besides providing the software, we help our customers by offering design-related solutions. That’s why Kadanza works with the best partners to provide you with the best design-related solutions to help you to get the most out of your brand.

Unlimited Users

Currently, we have 3 different subscription models: Start, Grow, and Pro. They all have unlimited users. Yes, even the free version! We’re aware that many SaaS companies charge you based on the number of seats you’d like to have. It is a good strategy if you ask us because having more seats usually costs nothing for the businesses because there is no big server usage.

Most businesses base their pricing on the number of seats because it is easy to upsell and earn easy money. As you can understand this is not our way because we want to reduce the hassle of explaining your brand guidelines to people and we want everyone on brand.

Unlimited user policy is important for us because:

  • companies need to be on brand, consistent and relevant to be able to have more successful businesses. So, it is a great chance to be unique.
  • targetting more people is essential to be on brand.
  • it saves lots of time for the team because you don’t need to explain to everyone what they need to use and send the correct document every time. Also, they all can create branded materials in a few minutes. How awesome is it, right?
  • no need to use other people’s credentials and have security problems.

Again, basing your pricing on the number of seats is not a bad idea but it is not how we base our pricing. We want to charge our customers for the things that cost us money like extra storage and different features.

Best quality price performance

We offer 3 different types of subscription models that can fit into everybody’s budget.  

Let’s say that you like using the platform and would like to expand your subscription model, it is super easy to do so. All you need to do is to follow these steps on the platform: Admin Console → Plan and Billing → Manage my plan. Then, you can easily choose the plan that you’d like to use. Secondly, you can start with the trial of Start and Grow, meaning using them for free for a month. If you like them you can enter your credit card details and start using them. So, we don’t ask for your credit card details until you decide to start paying for the platform.

Also, we say best quality price performance because we know that we bring more value compared to similar platforms for several reasons like:

  • you can try out our Start or Grow subscription model for a month for free and then decide which one to use.
  • bringing everyone on your team (or external users) on brand with the unlimited user policy.
  • not giving all the features and asking the total price. Instead, we have some basic main differences between the subscription models and if you would like to have several features & add-ons, you start paying extra. So, if you don’t need them, you don’t pay.
  • knowing what people need and setting it up this way.

So, if you want a platform that fits into your business plan and budget, you know where to go ☺️.

Easy to use

It is easy to use Kadanza because you don’t need to have core design skills to create branded documents. It means that you can create on-brand materials in a few minutes without making branding mistakes.

You don’t need to be trained for hours on how to upload, download, and share digital assets. Everything is self-explanatory thanks to the videos and articles that we prepared for you. If more input is needed, you’ll be directed by our Customer Success representatives to benefit the most from the platform with the help of articles, short video calls, quick emails, and more. Everything is prepared for your needs. Also, you can always get in touch with our support team if you have any technical questions.

Yes, our platform is easy to use but it can be complex to understand everything at once since there are lots of functionalities to consider especially for admins. In general, we only provide training for the admins on how to manage the platform and show them the main important features unless admins want everyone within their team to get the training. So, there is always an option to get trained by us on how to manage/use the platform.

Multi-language support

Since the platform is originally designed in Belgium, we have the advantage of providing support in Dutch, French, and English. We also have the option to provide support in Turkish since recently we have a Turkish-speaking member. So, compared to similar platforms we offer support in many languages.

In addition, we’re working hard on translating our platform into these languages to be accessible to most users from all over the world. To be up-to-date, keep checking our release notes and social media posts.

If you need one specific language, let us know. Who knows maybe we’ll add that language option one day! 😉

Plus point: ISO certificate

We're proud to announce that Kadanza has been ISO 27001 certified. ISO27001 is the international standard for information security management, and certification demonstrates our commitment to protecting our customers' data. Our ISO 27001 certificate is available for download here. This certification is another way we're ensuring that Kadanza is a good solution for our customers because, with ISO 27001 certification, our customers can be confident that their data is safe with us.

We guarantee that choosing Kadanza will put a smile on your face since you don’t need to worry about your data security as well as bringing everyone on brand.

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