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Can’t seem to solve a specific business challenge to keep everything running smoothly? We’ll build a platform exclusively designed to solve that challenge.

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In the past, we’ve helped numerous data-driven packaging and label brands, by creating a datasheet and catalogue generator, and a mass packaging generator.

These are just two examples of solutions we ended up building. We have millions more where they came from, scouts honour

Our team knows the capabilities of the Kadanza platform to the bone, and is not afraid to push its limits to solve any challenge that gets thrown in its way.
Kadanza interface example

Datasheet & Catalogue generator

If you manage large collections of data and product variations in data sheets, and work in a multilingual environment, this is the tool for you.

The generator is a powerful, flexible, and sustainable solution that simplifies workflows, while being able to identify content changes all by itself.

It stores and manages large collections of information, creates personalized catalogues from intelligent templates, and is able to manage complex language issues.

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Mass packaging generator

Dealing with tons of labels and packaging?
Any big fashion label, FMCG brand, or manufacturing company would love this tool.

The packaging generator is a flexible and sustainable tool that stores and manages large amounts of label information, simplifying packaging workflows and processes.

The tool can create automated templates for packaging designs, and all you need to do is upload the artwork into the templates.
It also keeps up with regulatory information updates and handles complex language issues all on its own. This way, you can localize packaging and quality assurance.

As an extra, the packaging generator also automatically renders hyperrealistic 3D packshots for your communication.

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Kadanza interface example

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