Simplify and automate making on-brand content

Kadanza Layouts makes the online editing & publishing of on-brand content easier than ever, thanks to the standard integration of Chili Publish software, accessible to all users.

Use your Kadanza platform to tap into the time-saving powers of smart templates, create artwork that’s automatically on-brand & streamline your approval process. In seconds, you’ll generate ready-to-use files for virtually any print process or digital platform.

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Simplify making on-brand content
Chili Publish integration

The Chili Publish power behind a Kadanza frontend

Already a Chili user? Great! All of your current licenses, smart templates, workspaces, etc. are automatically integrated. New to the Chili Publish tools? Also great! No tutorials needed, the Kadanza frontend will make all of its features feel instantly familiar.

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A smoother creation and approval flow

Add workflows that speed up document governance throughout your graphic process, from creation all the way to approval.
Smart templates allow your users to bypass the need for design expertise and feedback loops. Define which elements allow customization so all users can create on-brand content with confidence. With automated text insertion, you can simply select the suitable template and Kadanza will take care of the rest.
Basically, your platform eliminates loads of hassle so you can focus on the stories and messages you need to get across.

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Kadanza interface example
Kadanza interface example

Just add data

Automatically enrich documents by connecting your Kadanza to any data source - like DAM and PIM systems, file repositories, XML feeds and nearly any other system with an API - to streamline texts, add product data, prices, customer data or any other data you need.

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Anyone can be an expert at exporting

A smooth design & publishing flow deserves to culminate in a flexible and worry-free export process. That’s why you can post-process your documents even after they’ve been exported. Need to output to multiple print profiles? No problem, just connect your existing output profiles.

You can add barcodes, stamps, or watermarks before sending them off to the printer. You can also connect and order print work via your favorite printer.

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Kadanza interface example

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Don’t worry! We also offer a more extensive build-to-order solution with even more power, storage and capabilities.

Just ask us about our PRO model. Or check out our custom integrations to see how a tailored Kadanza setup can solve your challenges.

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