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The Kadanza intuitive interface and its easy-to-use tools are a shortcut to creative & design freedom for your team, without ever compromising on brand consistency.

Let the Kadanza platform work its streamlining magic while you and your teams create marketing materials. As a brand manager or owner, you can control the level of design freedom while resting assured each and every marketing output remains on-brand. Your marketeers and creatives can then design whatever they need with all the nifty web-to-publishing tools at their own fingertips, without having to worry about veering off-brand.

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Create marketing materials with ease
Kadanza interface example

A creative hall pass

Thanks to the straightforward Kadanza interface, your design or marketing team will be able to craft the highest-quality marketing materials quickly and easily, without needing to cut corners on creativity or second-guessing if there’s a perfect match with brand guidelines. It’s guaranteed creative automation with all of the efficiency and better-than-ever consistency.

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Easy does it

The ease of use is what makes Kadanza design tools second-to-none. You can dive into the pre-vetted toolbox to create your own designs based on templates, personalize them fully to your tastes or freshest ideas, craft translations or inspire your team with examples. The web-to-publish functionalities result in higher-quality marketing with a complete brand fit.

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Kadanza interface example
Kadanza interface example

Your brand on a need-to-know basis

Easily define who gets to see and do what.
Share only what you want to share with external partners and use the ‘user group’ feature to make sure internal team members have access to what is relevant to them.

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Don’t worry! We also offer a more extensive build-to-order solution with even more power, storage and capabilities.

Just ask us about our PRO model. Or check out our custom integrations to see how a tailored Kadanza setup can solve your challenges.

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