At our core:
the brand manager

With its customizable structure and easy-to-use editor, Kadanza offers the perfect tool for brand management.
Create your own brand guidelines, organize all your marketing and communication co-workers in the same portal, and easily share guidelines with internal and external teams.

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Kadanza interface example
Kadanza interface example

Authentic brand guidelines

Easily document and edit your brand guidelines and strategy with our best-practice templates, or start from scratch with individual building blocks.  

Personalize your entire brand platform, notifications and emails with powerful editing tools so everything breathes your brand identity from start to finish.

Take away clutter for everyone and customize what’s available per user role within the organization.
Kadanza also offers multi-language support. So practical!

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Everyone on the same page

Don’t stop at guidelines. Also document your marketing efforts, events, and launches to inform all stakeholders at the same time and when changes are made. No more excuses for mix-ups.

Facilitate on-boarding of new employees, and strategy alignment between your sales, and marketing departments with a single platform so everyone is always on-brand.

Use our API’s to integrate your Kadanza with other systems like DAM, W2P, PIM, ... to make sure all those platforms follow the latest guidelines. 

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Kadanza interface example
Kadanza interface example

Sharing is caring

Your brand guidelines are one of the most shared documents, according to our trusted clients. It’s important that the playbook of all brand assets gets handled and shared with care.

Use our suggested user roles and permissions as a base, and customize further if necessary to make sure only the people who are supposed to have access to your brand holy grail.

Share your guidelines with as many users as you like, internally or publicly, by exporting them in file and color formats, suited to print production.

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Don’t worry! We also offer a more extensive build-to-order solution with even more power, storage and capabilities.

Just ask us about our PRO model. Or check out our custom integrations to see how a tailored Kadanza setup can solve your challenges.

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