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How does it sound to always have a clear overview and full control over all used brand assets?
How about using only one single platform instead of a bunch of different tools to get the job done? 
Keeping your way of working with unlimited functionalities?   

Let us help you. With Kadanza, you'll reach your full potential.  

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Kadanza interface exampleKadanza interface example

Complete control

Gain complete control over your brand assets through the set-up of user groups, and structure all users by managing their access rights. 

Decide which assets are available for internal or external use, who can edit or view only, and choose freely how to structure your assets.

Use predefined design templates, following your own brand guidelines, to create marcom material that will never be

With Kadanza, you'll take back control.  

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Seamless workflow

Kadanza Core is a centralized set of brand management tools. Set up your brands, brand identity guide, access rights, workflows, and so much more. You can do this from scratch or with our templates made by branding experts.

Manage all created designs and brand components in Kadanza Assets.

Create designs through smart templates in Layouts, to ensure brand consistency.

Kadanza guides you every step of the way. 

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Kadanza interface example
Kadanza interface example

Fully adaptable and 
endlessly scalable

You choose which content is available on the brand portal, how it’s all structured, and how everything looks. 

In addition, you choose the package that best fits your needs, add extra storage or features along the way, and upgrade when the next plan suits you better. Your platform grows with you and your organization.

A Kadanza brand portal is a blank canvas that needs to be filled, and you are the artist.

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