Digital asset management

Instead of traditional files & folders, use our centralized DAM system to store, access and control all of your digital assets.

The Kadanza Assets makes it so much easier for all your users to upload, organize, find, share, customize and convert your digital assets.
All your assets will be securely available in one simply searchable location and you’ll have complete control over what your users can see and do.

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Digital Asset Management
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Your DAM system, your rules

Do you already have a DAM system in place? Nice! Migrating your existing data to Kadanza Assets is super easy. All metadata will be preserved, so you'll be able to continue using your assets with all of the features and functionalities you’re accustomed to.

Don’t have a DAM system yet? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Migrating your data from files & folders to Kadanza Assets is a breeze: just follow the step-by-step instructions on your Kadanza platform and you’ll never look back.

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DAM, that's convenient

Once you’ve uploaded your digital assets to Kadanza Assets, you can easily add metadata and context to make them better organized and searchable.

Share only what you want to share with external partners and customize permission and user rights to make sure internal team members only have access to what is relevant to them.

Users can edit and convert your assets according to the rules you’ve put in place. Enjoy complete control without sacrificing flexibility.

Kadanza Assets simply scales up or down to fit your needs, so whether you’re a small team working on a few assets or a global hive of teams working on a massive amount of assets, your platform can handle it all with equal ease & grace.

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Don’t worry! We also offer a more extensive build-to-order solution with even more power, storage and capabilities.

Just ask us about our PRO model. Or check out our custom integrations to see how a tailored Kadanza setup can solve your challenges.

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