Kadanza Assets:
the DAM system

Kadanza’s foolproof, cloud-based platform is ideal for digital asset and media management.

Accelerate your branding by the speed of light and in a controlled environment, adapt your DAM system to your business needs and structure, and scale it all at will.

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Kadanza interface example
Kadanza interface example

In control at the speed of light

By establishing one single source of truth for your entire team, globally, you are in complete control of which assets can be used for branded communication.

On Kadanza Assets, you upload, store, organize, find, crop and convert your brand assets in a flash, whether with your team, or with external partners.

To ensure the safety of all your assets, Kadanza protects them through its ISO-certified cloud security infrastructure.

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A digital clone of your business ID

Kadanza Assets is fully configurable and adaptable to take the same structure and context as your operations, no matter your type of business .

Build categories, user groups and custom metadata models that resonate with your business and are modeled in line with your way of working.

Assign the appropriate permissions and user rights, to ensure that some people can see it all, while others have access to the things that they need, without getting distracted by other assets.

Any and all assets in your DAM can be found in less than a second with Kadanza’s powerful search function.

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Kadanza interface example
Kadanza interface example

Always the perfect fit

Unlike clothing, Kadanza is always a perfect fit.
This might sound like an exaggeration, but the platform was built to grow (or shrink) with its organizations and manage even the most complex use cases and integrations.

This means that as a DAM, it can handle the basics like storing and sharing a couple of assets within one team, or manage an endless amount of assets with tons of teams and partners, both internal and external.

Kadanza is also a flexible API-driven platform, enabling people to connect with other systems and data. Do it yourself or ask us to build a custom integration with ease.

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what you’re looking for?

Don’t worry! We also offer a more extensive build-to-order solution with even more power, storage and capabilities.

Just ask us about our PRO model. Or check out our custom integrations to see how a tailored Kadanza setup can solve your challenges.

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