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Brand Manager

Host and share your brand guidelines in a personalized CMS for both internal and external users.

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Everyone on brand, always

  • Inform all stakeholders on changes in guidelines, planning and events.
  • Facilitate on-boarding of new employees, strategy alignment of sales teams, etc.
  • Integrate with other systems, e.g. DAM, W2P, PIM, etc.
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Easily document & edit

  • Use our building blocks to insert logos, color palettes, fonts, texts, images and other brand elements.
  • Personalize your login page, notifications and emails with powerful editing tools.
  • Customize per user role, backed by multi-language support.
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Share intelligently

  • Start from our suggested user roles and permissions. Customize further if necessary.
  • Share your guidelines internally or publicly.
  • Export your guidelines in file and color formats, suited for print production.
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Scalable & secure

  • Readily build and manage multi-brand structures with content duplications and multi-language tools.
  • Further secure via Single sign-on (SSO) and our user management console.
  • Track and study the performance of your brand guidelines.
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