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Our brand portal, DAM and smart templates are available off-the-shelf and offered all together for total brand management. Training and documentation services are available.

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Brand Manager

Brand Compliance

  • Unlimited users
  • Accessible via web browser and mobile
  • Easily create, update and share brand guidelines
  • Pull latest versions of assets via DAM entry points
  • Integrate with other systems (e.g. W2P, PIM, ...)

Document & Edit

  • Manage content via CMS
  • Embed via building blocks
  • Insert logos, colors, fonts, text, images, video and other elements
  • Customize per user role
  • Login page, notifications and email personalization
  • WYSIWYG editor, Drag & Drop and Inline Editing
  • Save work-in-progress and publish when ready
  • Scalable to multi-brand structures (incl. content duplications)
  • Multi-language support and tools

Security & User Rights

  • Define user roles, permissions and access
  • Per user role or specific page
  • Predefined user roles with permissions (customize if necessary)
  • Enable temporary permissions
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • Redirect, hide or disable pages (manually or by time/date)
  • Integrated version control

Asset Manager

Ingesting & Storing

  • All file formats & types
  • By all browsers and SFTP
  • Front-office: mass upload via select / drag & drop
  • Back-office: bulk upload with admin support
  • View and approve uploads
  • Automatic metadata extraction
  • Batch indexing
  • Autotagging (via Clarifai)
  • Guest upload

Document & Edit

  • Embed via building blocks
  • Insert logos, color palettes, fonts, text, images and other elements
  • Easy update
  • Suggested search
  • Saved searches
  • Controlled custom fields
  • Custom metadata models
  • Automatic metadata extraction
  • Asset reviews
  • Custom thumbnails

Manage & Organize

  • Sections, collections, related assets
  • Sorting, filtering
  • Add additional files, e.g. content release forms
  • Custom & auto tagging
  • Custom-created taxonomy
  • Public & private assets
  • Bulk tagging, moving, editing
  • Saved searches
  • Versioning
  • Cloning
  • Duplicate detection


  • Images, documents, vectors, audio and video
  • Lightboxes / Collections
  • Custom Thumbnails

Edit & Convert

  • Convert file formats
  • Single, bulk and collection editing
  • Online image transformation (resizing, cropping, size optimization)

Embedding & Sharing

  • Embed entrypoints
  • Embedded video & audio player
  • Share links internally & externally
  • Share individual or multiple assets, collections and search queries
  • Share privately & publicly
  • Set expiry dates & access control
  • Directly link media to websites and social networks
  • Instant download
  • Export regular media (via APIs)


  • Notifications & comments to (group) members
  • Version control
  • Approval & review workflows
  • Via categories & user rights
  • Notification center

Security & Privacy

  • Roles & permissions (user-group based)
  • Accessibility & restrictions to media, folders and collections (public & private)
  • SSO & SAML Identity Management
  • Managed cloud infrastructure
  • Fully GDPR compliant
  • File restoration (deleting filtes)

User Rights Management

  • User group based
  • Asset availability & approvals
  • Embedded metadata, notifications, expiry dates
  • Registration Management (incl. request access capabilities)
  • Profile Management (view, download, upload, edit, delete)
  • Copyrights, embargo, archive
  • Import user profiles
  • User insights (statistics, reporting, tracking)


  • User Insights (e.g. user & asset popularity)
  • Analysis / reporting
  • Auditing

Brand Compliance

  • Customization via brand portal integration
  • Multi- & enterprise-level branding
  • Vanity URL (via redirect)


  • 100% Full Web HTML5
  • No fixed user group structure
  • Drag & drop
  • Responsive on any mobile device
  • Multilingual interface management


  • Fully API driven (Open Rest APIs) & SDKs
  • Microsoft Office, Pitcher
  • Own Brand Portal and Smart Templates (W2P)
  • Other Integrations

Layout Manager

Brand Compliance

  • Users create new documents from on-brand templates
  • Branding guidelines dictate template designs
  • Lock design layers/elements from editing (e.g. logos, colors, fonts)
  • Restrict availability of features (e.g. images, text) via user rights
  • Install custom fonts, colors and themes
  • Assign images with template roles (e.g. image for cover pages)
  • Localize document creation via language settings, themes and styles


  • Engine by CHILI Publish
  • Access via webbrowser without installing any additional software
  • Documents can be created, edited, duplicated, deleted, locked and archived
  • Change themes and styles with one click
  • Real-time WYSIWYG editing, in the browser (in-document) or via forms
  • Unlimited number of renders and document creations
  • Multiple document creation via CSV import
  • Changes are auto-saved
  • Select different language versions
  • Automatically enter data from externally located master data
  • Master data sets can be chosen per template
  • All data can be made searchable within the data chooser
  • Store content outside of document (to replicate for other templates)
  • Built-in DPI check for images
  • Show documents as list or preview, sortable by name, date, templates, status, ...

Export & Publish

  • Unlimited number of exports
  • Download document as image or PDF
  • Publish to any device or platform, bot both web and print (W2P)
  • In all necessary output/color formats
  • Multiple files as 1 PDF or as a zip file containing all PDFs at once
  • PDF settings include conversions for DPI, Colorspace and various PDF standards
  • Admins can export documents to Indesign Idml packages

Securty & User Rights

  • Manage access rights, permissions, approvals and print orders
  • Restrict availability of features
  • Automatically pre-fill fields based on user profile (e.g. contact info)
  • Allow transfer of document creation to other users
  • Deny simultaneous editing of documents by multiple users
  • Admin can claim documents from other users
  • Specify per template (use-case)


  • Build in optional or mandatory requests to other users
  • Requests for document review, approval, transfer, export or print
  • Notifications
  • Accept or decline request (with comments)
  • From simple to complex custom workflows
  • Specify per template (use-case)

Print orders

  • Send direct order to printer(s) of choice
  • PDF and XML with appropriate order data (via FTP folder on printer’s server)
  • Fill in order form
  • Single or bulk order
  • Check order statuses (by Admin, via backend)
  • Specify per template (use-case)


  • Via documented API calls (e.g. PIM for pricing)
  • Implement brand guidelines from brand portal
  • Insert files from DAM directly into templates
  • Predefine which data/files can be used in templates

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