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Kadanza has been put to work in multiple markets and has proven to be of essential value to numerous data-driven packaging and label brands.

Check out our custom solutions and keep in mind that we’re happy to talk about building a platform exclusively designed for your business challenge.

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The Kadanza team designed a mass packaging generator with a database management platform to create packaging designs in no time. It allows brands to store large collections of label data, to create automated intelligent templates, to keep up with information updates, to manage language issues and so much more.

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Cloud 3D rendering

Are you in need of a hyper realistic 3D pack shot of your product? Kadanza offers a tool that allows automatic, overnight, cloud rendered 3D packshots which are delivered in your Digital Asset Management system before you get your first nip of coffee in the morning.

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No matter what your use case is, we’re happy to talk about solutions for your business or brand.

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