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Kadanza is a digital asset management & web-to-print platform built by brand & identity experts.

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Kadanza is a customisable and scalable cloud based suite of products, built to grow with your organisation

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Brand Manager

Share your brandís story

A personalised, branded CMS for internal and external users, to host strategic background information and share brand guidelines.

  • Document your brand strategy
  • Share visual identity guidelines
  • Create custom workflows
  • Enhance user engagement
  • And more...

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Asset Manager

Manage and share assets, anytime anywhere

Organise and distribute all brand assets in one fully branded and secure environment with a powerful, user-friendly DAM.

  • Upload, share and download assets and collections
  • Tag and categorise assets
  • Logo files, documents and templates
  • Images, videos and graphics
  • And more...

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Layout Manager

Create on-brand, easy to use templates

Design, edit and manage your own branded communication materials with a fully customisable web-to-print engine.

  • Create and share online on-brand communication materials
  • Export with advanced pdf settings, image formats and other formats
  • Create custom workflows
  • Easily manage archived documents
  • And more...

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Packaging Manager

Manage, control & update your labels in no time

The Kadanza Packaging Manager is a tailor-made packaging design and database management platform, targeted at organisations that need powerful, flexible and sustainable solutions for managing large collections of labels and packaging designs.

  • Store and manage large collections of label information, pictograms and logos
  • Create automated intelligent templates for packaging design
  • Upload artwork into your templates
  • Keep up with regulatory information updates
  • Manage complex language issues
  • Render 3D simulations for pack shots
  • And more...

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Signage Manager

Manage complex signage programs

The Kadanza Signage Manager is a fully customisable platform to design, edit and manage complex internal and external signage programs.

  • Make on-brand signage with easy-to-use templates
  • Create a repository for internal and external signage products
  • Enable signage geotagging
  • Generate print production ready files
  • And more...

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Why choose Kadanza? Read on.

Kadanza is built by KAN Design & Brand Management, a team of brand and identity experts devoted to delivering strong brands since 1987. This experience makes our brand management platform stand out from the crowd. Why? Because we understand the challenges brand owners face today. Our understanding of brand and design management made us to what we are today: we don't just design brands; we help brands tell a consistent story.

We started out in the paper age, when brand guidelines were printed and a brand book was actually... a book. In the 90s our clients started to explore the Internet and we offered them the first generation of web manuals. In 2001 our clients could start editing templates online. Six years later this idea developed into In-Doc Editing, a more sophisticated system, and then KAN designed templates, which clients could edit to their own needs.

Slowly the idea of an online brand management platform took shape. In 2011 KAN branded this cloud based platform Kadanza, and it not only served as an online editor and web-to-print engine, but also was dedicated to inspire and to engage users and their brands. Strategy and visual identity came together in one accessible, intuitive environment.

Today, Kadanza is a fully-developed platform that offers you a great range of possibilities. Our history and our experience means that we know Kadanza will keep on growing, just as our clientsí needs grow and as technology evolves.

This story confirms we do things differently. Our work could end when a brandís identity is built, but Kadanza takes it to the next level. We donít just design a brand; we deliver a brandís never-ending story. After all, whatís a design or a brand without a proper way to manage it? Thatís why we offer you a sustainable solution, founded on personalised, strategic design management consulting. And thatís why Kadanza focuses on:

  • User-friendliness: intuitive, responsive, branded interface
  • Scalability: grows with your organisationís ambitions
  • Customisability: tailor-made solutions
  • Flexibility: seamless integration into various platforms
  • Brand engagement: designed to live the brand
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