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Packaging Manager

Manage, control & update your labels in no time

The Kadanza Packaging Manager is a tailor-made packaging design and database management platform, targeted at organisations that need powerful, flexible and sustainable solutions for managing large collections of labels and packaging designs.

  • Store and manage large collections of label information, pictograms and logos
  • Create automated intelligent templates for packaging design
  • Upload artwork into your templates
  • Keep up with regulatory information updates
  • Manage complex language issues
  • Render 3D simulations for pack shots
  • And more...

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Feature List

Kadanza’s Packaging Manager is a custom product, adaptable to any business case. It can integrate seamlessly with other programs, existing databases, data assets & structures. Branded packaging design with multiple sizes, languages or different legal requirements: the Packaging Manager is made to deal with these challenges. The system can generate production ready files, render high resolution 3D images and save them in the Asset Manager. Do you want a tailor-made feature list?

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