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The Südzucker Group manages more than over 5.000 brand assets with Kadanza

Tiense Suiker is a sugar refinery and one of Belgium’s most recognisable brands, and its parent company, Südzucker, is a leading European sugar producer. In its portfolio, in addition to Tiense Suiker, are sub-brands like Rafti and Lebbe. The brand architecture and corporate identity rules are as firm as a sugar cube for its employees thanks to the Kadanza brand centre.

Tiense Suiker Highlights

  • More than 5,000 assets
  • Clear brand architecture
  • Smooth communication

Tools used:

  • Brands & Kadanza
  • Brand Manager
  • Asset Manager
  • Layout Manager

Smooth flow of brand information

The Tiense Suiker logo is unmistakably in Belgium. The brand is so strong that the logo is almost untouchable. But this did not prevent other elements of the corporate identity from being restyled, and a brand centre is the ideal way to streamline communication on your brand. Branding guidelines are stored and explained. Amendments can be documented for each step that your brand takes. In the case of Tiense Suiker, it is also interesting to see how the brand relates to its parent company, Südzucker. This, together with an extensive photo library, helps employees working with the brand.  


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