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Specialist banking: mobile first, including the branding

The Bank J.Van Breda & C is a Belgian bank specialising exclusively on entrepreneurs and liberal professions. Through their brand centre, all marketing co-workers within the organisation are given access to an array of communication materials. Each Bank J.Van Breda & C co-worker works on a tablet, mobile or PC. Thats why its brand centre has been fully adapted for mobile use. This means a marketer can import a photo from the asset manager straight into a presentation using a tablet.

Bank J.Van Breda & C Highlights

  • Mobile optimisation
  • Asset management

Tools used:

  • Brand Manager
  • Asset Manager
  • Brands & Kadanza
  • Layout Manager

Mobile optimisation

Minor adjustments to the corporate identity, a new set of icons or some new photo guidelines: this new information can immediately be communicated to the marketing co-workers in the different branches. The Asset Manager is used to share new assets, download them or convert them into different file types. And at the Bank J.Van Breda & C, this happens entirely on tablets as they want to avoid paperwork. This is why the Brand Manager and Asset Manager is fully optimised for their existing systems. The marketers can work seamlessly with all sorts of assets in applications on their tablets. For example, in just a few seconds they can copy a photo into a presentation and it does not need to be reworked as it fits within the existing grids. 


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