Packaging design now costs less time and money

Axalta Coating Systems is a world player in industrial coating systems. With over ten brands the Axalta family has built up its own empire in the car repair industry. This established brand is taken care of by a Brand Center, powered by Kadanza. Axalta’s identity is managed from one online location. We’re talking about logo use, photography, iconography, ads, tone of voice, color use and so on. For a brand like Axalta there is one touchpoint that really matters, because clients interact with it on a daily basis, and that’s packaging.

Axalta Highlights:

  • Control
  • User experience
  • Cost and time savings

Tools used:

  • Brands & Kadanza
  • Packaging Manager

With a product portfolio of over a dozen brands, packaging comes in all shapes and sizes. Add to that the many different brands - from mainstream to premium - and we’re talking a whole lot of labels. And all of these labels are stored on the Axalta Brand Center. 


As a result of the worldwide changes to GHS legislation, which came into force in 2015, Axalta decided to manage all of its packaging labels using Kadanza’s Packaging Manager. These amended regulations meant that the brand was forced to change EVERY ONE of its labels. In the past a single designer would adjust the label designs one by one: a job costing time, money, not to mention effort. But with the Kadanza Packaging Manager Axalta can adjust any label design in a jiffy. 


The Packaging Manager has two main features. First of all it’s an online storage system for labels and label-related information. All content is stored securely in the cloud. For example: pictograms, barcodes, warning copy, GHS symbols and so on. Using this database, a veritable goldmine of label information, Axalta is able to upload or update existing and new labels automatically.


A team of label experts has access to a collection of templates: the basis for creating new labels. These templates are developed in a number of layers, so they can be used for different branded packaging designs. With one template the team can make a variety of labels for a range of different products. 


What better way to express the productivity of the Packaging Manager than some staggering numbers? Over a period of almost 2 years the Axalta team have used 113 templates to make 8,153 labels for 14 of their brands. 1,404 of those labels are currently ready for production. To give you an idea of the amount of content involved: 14,114 warning sentences in 31 different languages were integrated in the label designs. 


How does this work in real life? A user opens the label form in the Packaging Manager, selects different content elements and fills in a number of fields. A layout is generated automatically based on these choices. Some examples of content elements include:


• container size
• container type
• product type
• barcode
• GHS symbols and sentences
• product brand description
• copyright
• logistical pictograms
• booklet pictograms
• technical pictograms
• url
• …


The layout changes automatically depending on the elements and languages selected. Users can take a look at the label, download a pdf or copy the label to a new version or edition to make some changes. New editions automatically replace the old ones. The designs can be sent directly from the Packaging Manager to the printer.
Print-ready labels can be turned into high-res 3D pack shots using the Packshot Manager: a system that combines packaging mock-ups with label pdf files. In this way 3D images of the products can be generated automatically. These can be used in the brands’ web shop. The 3D images are automatically stored in the right category within the Asset Manager in the Brand Center. This also allows external users to download the images. 


Axalta has an extended dealer network. These are able to personalize the packaging themselves using the Packaging Manager. Meanwhile Axalta’s identity remains protected thanks to the templates.


The Packaging Manager ensures future-proof management of labels and packaging. It’s a custom-built system, which is perfect for organizations looking for a sustainable solution for managing large quantities of labels. To sum up a few of its benefits:


• Control: you can edit, update and even create new packaging designs. No graphical design knowledge is necessary. The intelligent templates do the hard work for you.


• Workflow: once the labels have been made you can download a printable pdf. The relevant people in the workflow chain receive notification before files are sent to the printer. 


• Database-driven templates: your packaging is managed in the cloud. This means that all label content is accessible in one location. Whether it’s pictograms, GHS symbols or warning sentences in different languages, the database is the basis of the smart template system used for packaging design. 


• It saves you time and money: you control every change to your packaging design. The days of complicated and costly external processes are over. With just a small number of templates you can create a large number of labels. 

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