How political party Groen delivers 1,200,000 local newsletters in 153 versions 12x faster

Groen is a Flemish political party in Belgium with a progressive, social and environmental agenda. With Kadanza, its politicians can lead sustainable campaigns. The party can communicate more, in less time, across the whole Flemish region. And at the same time they can reinforce their message with a consistent brand.

Groen Highlights

  • Productivity
  • Transparency
  • Brand Consistency
  • Regional users
  • Monitoring

Tools used:

  • Brands & Kadanza
  • Brand Manager
  • Asset Manager
  • Layout Manager

Productive brand management

Political parties start campaigning a few months before the elections. Before Groen used Kadanza, the party would issue its magazine twice a year, door-to-door. There was a lot involved. The content of the magazines obviously varies by city or council. Due to the different parties involved, it was a challenge to send the magazines into production on time. 

Since Groen started using Kadanza, its door-to-door publication is ready in just four weeks. The layout of the magazine is accessible on the platform; co-workers only need to add in the correct content. This safeguards the corporate identity of the party and its magazine. During Groen’s last campaign, 178 different versions of the door-to-door magazine were published – that’s approximately 2.5 million copies. About 250 people worked on the magazine via Kadanza.


A consistent brand experience across the regions

Just as any company or organisation, a political party is a brand. A strong identity means a strong message. That is why Groen consciously aims for a consistent brand. Through Kadanza, political members get access to Groen’s tone of voice. They all happily contribute to the message that the party sends out to its voters. What they have to say varies from city to city, but with Kadanza’s Layout Manager, all representatives can relay regional news in the style that defines the party. 

Groen counts on its party members. Among them are many volunteers. Who can do what in Kadanza is entirely managed by the party. Whether it be taking a peek at the party’s story or the creation of a political poster, Groen controls the actions that users can or cannot take on the platform. This allows everyone to work in a very focused manner.


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